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Playstation 3

By: Rex Inego | May 08, 2007 05:32 PM

The PS3 is really just a machine that has superb graphics, but the games are not as good as the 360.

Pros: Well, it does have SIX AXIS motion sensors, nothing compared to the Wiis really. It has 4 LED lights that light up when you are a certain player. It also has a blu-ray, which is basically one of the best DVD players- the only problem is, theres barely any games for it!

cons: Well, the most obvious pne is the price- its just too much! Its too expensive and thats why the GameBoy Advance is outselling it. It also has pretty average games, it doesnt yet have any 'classic' games. It just has loads of average games that are just, like, average! Also, what is annoying is the fact that you cant play all of your favourite PS2 titles- you have to get the upgraded one or something. This is very annoying seeing as youve just paid 425 and it cant even play PlayStation games. Another thing is that the games are a bit too expensive- hopefully everything will drop in price before too long.

conclusion: Well, in my opinion, the Wii is better than the Wii as gameplay, and by the games it has, so for me, the PS3 isnt really anything spaecial. It only has superb graphics, but to me- Graphics Dont Matter.

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