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Polar F11 Male Heart rate monitor

By: Rex Inego | May 18, 2009 07:50 AM

Now you can check you heart rates, fitness level and calories burnt all in one unit. Polar F11 Male Heart rate monitor offers accurate information and you can be the trainer of yourself. Tie it around the wrist and you will not have to go anywhere else to see the display but your hand. With the inclusion of WearLink textile transmitter, accurate heart rates can be measured.

You can improve on your work outs with the feedbacks you receive from this unit. With OwnZone, you get your heart rate limits with regard to your day to day work levels. Keeps U FitTMђ allows you to achieve your fitness goals and Fitness TestTM with OwnIndex enables the user to receive the fitness level in a matter of five minutes. Calories are counted and displayed with OwnCal and crosstalks.

Pros: The advanced technology specialises on various areas and all of them do their work perfectly well to give you optimum results. Wireless ECG offers precise heart rates for further improvement in your work outs. Visual and audible alarm comes in handy all through the usage. With enhanced features, you can reach your targeted goals and make your work outs fruitful. You can get all the information from your wrist. Other features such as Time of day, Alarm, date, and weekday indicator, stop watch, Dual time zone and adjustable exercise reminders allows you to make your usage interesting and far better. You will not find any problem with the language as the unit comes with several display languages to choose from including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. The unit is water resistant up to 50 m which safeguards the device. Easy view is possible with the provided backlight. Button-free operation of wrist unit is facilitated with the HeartTouch. HR set allows the user to set favourite exercise settings.

cons: None.

conclusion: Accurate heart rate measurements are received from the unit which improves the work out levels. You can access various related information that offers improved fitness results.

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