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PREM-I-AIR EH1207 Dehumidifier

By: Evabarnet | May 06, 2011 03:57 AM

The appliance deemed inevitable in areas near coastal regions and in places where humidity levels are high, especially in monsoons PREM-I-AIR EH1207 Dehumidifier makes life easier to manage. Weighing 10 kg and having dimensions of (H) 470 x (D) 280 x (W) 320 mm it can be accommodated in rooms and with compact dimensions hardly affects the limited space available. The recommended operating temperature for optimum efficiency is 5 – 35degrees C. The high extraction of 10 litres per day makes it the best by all standards. This dehumidifier with variable humidity controls requires only 250 watts for the commendable performance. It has a high 2.4 litres condensate tank for continuous operation without frequent manual intervention to empty it. The continuous drain option and auto shut off when the tank is full heightens the charm of it. The noise level too is minimal at 45.7 dB and it hardly affects the normal flow of life adversely. Enhancing the viability of it is the washable nylon filter to trap the minute organisms to minimise frequent bouts of allergies and asthma attacks. PREM-I-AIR EH1207 250 Watts Dehumidifier with PTC heater has rotary switch controls and electronic controls. It has voltage requirement consistent in 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. Easier to install and operate it offers matchless features and facilities one can always depend on.

General Info
Model PREM-I-AIR EH1207 Dehumidifier
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions (H) 470 x (D) 280 x (W) 320 mm
Capacity 10 l / day
Operating temperature 5 – 35 degrees C
Water tank capacity 2.4 l
Power Consumption 250 watts
Noise level 45.7 dB




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