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Prince O3 Ozone 7 Tennis Racket

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 06, 2011 06:51 AM

Prince O3 Ozone 7 Tennis Racket performs beyond your expectations. You can heighten the thrill and performance of your tennis games with this high quality tennis racket. The professional design, style and look add to the charm of this tennis racket. Style, functionality and performance contribute to the success of this tennis racket. 

Pros: Making use of clever technology known as oport, this tennis racket helps you outperform your competitor. This is one of the effective and clever ways to loop the rackets string around the carbon frame. Here, the stringing is done in such a way that you can make powerful and accurate shots. The clever oport comes with aerodynamic which means you will have to drag less through the air. This in turn, allows the players to hit harder and longer. This model comes in range of colours and widths that matches with your individual tastes and needs. Available in compact size and light weight design, the rackets becomes easier to handle and use.

cons: No

conclusion: Prince O3 Ozone 7 Tennis Racket is sure to appeal all tennis players. Well-designed handle ensures comfortable grip and helps you hit accurately. The durable construction makes it hard wearing. This will be a valuable addition in your tennis kit.

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