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Protecting Laptop Screens from expensive Repair

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 23, 2011 07:18 AM

Laptop screen repairs are very common. Repairs due to wear and tear and repairs due improper handling happen, leading to expensive repairs. An LCD screen begins to show signs of deterioration due to long use. If a red tint is seen across a part of your laptop screen, or if a tarnished straight line appears vertically or horizontally on the screen, it means your laptop screen is having problems. There are cases when laptops fail to get power in a proper way. Here, dimming will happen occasionally. If you have a permanent dim or almost black screen, it indicates damage in the backlight of the screen. In almost totally black screens you can dimly see the display of the laptop if you hold a flashlight at a particular angle. At times, dimness of the screen may be due to the fault of laptop inverter. Improper handling leads to premature damage of laptops. A laptop should be held firmly with both hands while it is open and being moved. Avoid leaving laptops on floor for people to step on it. Though you might think your laptop is safe in the corner on the floor, ultimately someone might trample on it. It is better not to take the chance. Ensure the charger cord does not hang in places, to avoid people tripping over it. Laptops should be kept well away from children as well as pets. If you have to carry things up or down a flight of stairs, either you should take your laptop alone first, or take it last. Laptop screens often get damaged owing to physical shock. Not only the screen but other parts of the computer may get damaged in the process. Backing-up your important data and offering protection to laptop screen is vital, as most often these two issues are not protected by the warranty producers offer.




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