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Proteus PAR-5500 Programmable Air/Magnetic Rower

By: Rex Inego | Jun 25, 2009 09:25 AM

Designed in dimensions of 245 x 80 x 49cm and weighing 45.6kg, Proteus PAR-5500 Programmable Air/Magnetic Rower is a highly reliable and durable ergometer.

Featuring air and magnetic resistance, it provides improved as well as smooth resistance. Its seat is ergonomically designed in such a way that moves via the rail underside. It enables smooth rowing apart from preventing accumulation of dust that is likely to damage the construction. The 5-level adjustable foot pedals help in optimum positioning on the machine.

The user weight supported up to a maximum is 125kg. It comes with a feedback console which displays clock, alarm, date and temperature and workout information such as time, strokes per minute, total strokes, distance, watts, calories and heart rate. For heart rate measurement, it has a built in receiver. Powered by mains, it has a recovery function and with a single press, you can recover the heart rate.

It comes with a home warranty of 3 years on parts and labour and light commercial warranty of 1 year on parts and labour.

Pros: Complete with 4 programmes that can be customised and various other programmes like manual, race, P1-P12 and heart rate control, it provides 16 resistance levels for optimum rowing experience. With a computer to store your personal information, it has an in built fan which can be directed towards your body to keep you cool. This is a fully programmable machine which has transport wheels for manoeuvring and a smooth running seat for total comfort. For better storage, the bar at which the seat runs can be unlocked and lifted erect.

cons: The computer works only when the unit is plugged in.

conclusion: Designed for thorough cardio-vascular training, the versatile and durable rowing machine brings comfort and performance, thereby letting one enjoy, a complete exercising experience. With excellent value for money, with all the powerful features, it is worth recommendable.

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