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Proto Matrix SLG 08 Marker

By: Rex Inego | May 12, 2009 04:40 AM

Featured with single piece proto barrel, anti-chop break beam eye system, no-rise pressure feed neck, orbital rotating sear to reduce wear and compact lightweight body of only 2 lbs, Proto Matrix SLG 08 Marker is designed with the new Hyper-3 In-Line air regulator featuring higher flow, more consistency and smoother velocity adjustment.

Its original Spool Valve Technology allows the gun to work constantly at lesser operating pressure to give 1500 shots on a 68 / 4500 air tank. Its self lubricating force button clears the bolt without tools acting as a cocking mechanism thus preventing insecure disassembly of the marker when gassed up.

Pros: Ensured best results with the powerful latest innovative technology with firm construction using tough steel sear, aluminium body and bolt and a reinforced polymer frame and trigger. Enhanced features include New Self-Closing Valve (SCV), 2-Piece Bolt, Multifunction Self-Lubricating Force Button, Super Low 145psi Operating Pressure, Adjustable Reinforced Polymer Trigger, Ergonomic 45-Grip Frame, Proto Dual-Durometer Injection Sticky Grip, Program with Four Tournament Modes, Proto Bottom-Line with Dovetail and Stamped Metal Insert Logo. Regular cleaning and maintenance are easy with one-tool-one-screw bolt break down.

cons: Unknown.

conclusion: High in efficiency and low on maintenance with exceptional result oriented design. Light weight and easy to use, it is a combination of the best!

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