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Proto Switch EL Goggles

By: Rex Inego | Jun 25, 2009 09:30 AM

Designed in single-piece construction and light weight, Proto Switch EL Goggles has similar features of FS system and gives ample protection from the impacts of paintball gaming. It has a deluxe goggle strap to provide utmost comfort and Tiger tooth buckles for the strap to adjust it accordingly. The ear piece which is multi-ported gives unhindered sound transfer and for minimal fogging re-ventilation, it has a multiple directional venting system.

Pros: With silicone hard coated exteriors for scratch resistance, it comes with switch lenses that are optimised to bring amazing visual clarity. To allow easy replacement of the lens, the low profile switch screen which is self-venting and removable, can be pivoted up and down as per required. The venting also caters to better breathing and keeps you cool.

cons: None!

conclusion: Available at an affordable rate, this goggle lens with superior build strap and foam provides comfort and durability. Complete with quick change lens system and single pane anti-fog facility, it can be deemed the ideal face mask for paintball gamers.

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