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Race Driver GRID (PS3) Game

By: Rex Inego | Jul 01, 2009 08:31 AM

Developed for the ultimate gaming experience, Race Driver GRID (PS3) is a racing game which is filled with pressure, tension, noise and action. To play with, it comes with race cars which are the most powerful ones and the players can participate in race competitions ranging from the urban street races to city based challenging competitions and road events. Packed with incidents and action, one can enjoy the game with the varied moments of high impact like tyre and engine blow outs, accidents, collisions, tight overtaking, spinning and flipping of opponent cars.

One can join street competitions to race V8 muscle cars via US cities like Washington DC, San Francisco and even Detroit. At the Japanese race culture, the night races take the race car drivers via the neon-illuminated cities to the far-flung mountain roads.

Pros: Providing amazing playability, this PS3 video game comes with fabulous graphics, excellent auditory effects, and wide range of cars and fantastic settings to enable one to enjoy a thrilling yet fun-filled experience all through the game. With real like effects and customization, one can play the game better. It supports up to a maximum of single local player and online multi-players up to 12 numbers. With 12+ PEGI rating, this game is network compatible and requires just 2298MB memory space.

cons: It doesn't support spilt-screen option.

conclusion: Designed for enthusiast players, the game with all the power packed features, enable them to enjoy hours of intense gaming experience. The high impact game giving the player, the ability to set his race team, provides a varied career mode in the continual racing world as the team itself mark them in the racing legends, thereby giving a one of a kind experience to the hard core gamers.

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