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Reasons Why a Laptop battery has to Be Replaced

By: Evabarnet | Sep 26, 2011 10:30 AM

Laptops have practically become indispensable these days partly because there is so much work that a person has to do and he has to have a computer no matter where he is, and partly due to the fact that a laptop is an extremely convenient device to carry around. More and more people are looking to purchase laptops and there are some factors that one needs to remember. There are some parts of a laptop also called a notebook that are responsible for their cost being so high. The priciest parts of the laptop are its processor, the memory chips, the video card and the battery and if any of them are damaged it would cost you quite a packet for them to be replaced. Batteries are usually what get down fast and there are a couple of reasons why they run down soon. Therefore remember to check the battery and see which one is fitted into the laptop you are planning to buy. Most of the computers no matter whether they are laptops or desktop generally are powered by the Lithium-ion cell batteries that are easily affected by heat. Talking of heat there are two forms of heat; one is the internal heat and the other the external sources of heat like the rays of the sun, a lamp in the room or even room heaters. Though you cannot get rid of these sources of heat you could always ensure that the laptop is not anywhere too close to any of them. The internal heat is created by the use of energy by the processor. However, you could help by ensuring that you place the laptop in such a way that the hot air can be expelled. Try to place the laptop such that the lid through which the hot air is blown out is left open allowing the air to blow out. This can be done by placing the laptop on a table or hard surface or if you do not have a table, place a hard plastic board on a pillow and place the laptop on it. Sometimes, it so happens that when you purchase the laptop, the battery is dead. This is known as shelf dead batteries as the charge of these batteries have gone down since they have been on the shelf for sale for long periods of time. But in such cases, you have warranty for the various components of the laptop and the battery can be replaced. Usually a battery in a laptop should last at least 2 full hours once it has been fully charged. Therefore if your battery is not giving the promised amount of backup, ensure that you get a replacement.




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