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Removing Rust in Washing Machine

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 21, 2011 05:59 AM

The modern washing machines cost high but are loaded with features to manage the laundry with ease and efficiency. These appliances are inevitable to wash the laundry with optimum care while consuming minimal time, energy, water and detergent. It is only with proper care and maintenance that these washing machines last longer. Effects Rusting in the tub easily affects the clothes adversely, damaging it. The rust mixes with detergent and water to give it a worn-out look while the white coloured clothes may have brown spots due to this problem. If the washing machine is over decade year old rust may accumulate in the drain holes. This cannot be seen easily and the problem is generally noticed when the clothes have unwanted rust marks on it. Rust is the result of interior damages and is irrevocable. The washer may work well even after rusting but ignoring it results in total deterioration. Since this problem cannot be rectified, a total replacement is the only option, resulting in huge expenditures. Removing Rust If rusting is in the initial stages, it can be cleaned effortlessly by adding 2 cups of lime or lemon juice in water and setting the wash cycles to the optimum temperature. The special enamel or rust removers too are available in the markets for easier cleaning. The stainless steel rusted parts can be cleaned with a fine grade emery paper. This tool can be used on the washer after rubbing it again with lemon. When cleaned to the level best condition, rinse the whole tub with warm water and dry it well with the aid of a soft cloth rag. The washing basket if rusted can be changed with the help of a professional electrician, plumber or technician. The latest models have easily available parts in the markets and hence replacing it is easier though pricey. The latest machines have protective finishes to prevent rust formation. Once the parts rust, it may return any time even if cleaned well. Rusting is the result of using different types of water and detergents or frequent use. It is always suggested that the machine have protective finish on the washer to prevent rust build-up which can be done by a plumber easily. However careful one is in using and maintaining the washing machines damages are inevitable.




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