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Repairing the Soap Dispensers in the Washing Machines

By: Andrew Wilson | Sep 23, 2011 07:12 AM

The soap dispensers in the washing machines play a major role in ensuring even performance or washing of the loads with even detergent distribution for the best results. However the soap easily builds-up in the dispenser drawer and results in damaging this plastic element. The crusty build-up blocks the easy flow of water from the tap and hence it spills out from the tray creating irreparable damages to the washing machines. However a little care and know-how on cleaning the dispenser trays helps one to solve the problems efficiently. The first thing one has to do on noticing any electronic device leaking is switch off the appliance at the wall plug and mains and stop the water flow. The washing machine dispenser drawer can be cleaned with a moist cloth and the tough soap deposits can be removed with the environment friendly as well as pocket-friendly product like the baking soda or vinegar. If this task does not control the leak, switch off the mains as before and check the drainage pipes and its positions. Being light it is easily dislodged and can be repositioned easily too. Any blockages in the drain should be checked as the waste water that flows through this outlet may overflow easily, doubling the strain and hassles. Washing soda is the best solution to control this block as it effectively breaks down the sludge. However it may take time to dislodge the blocks. If this solution too does not stop the leak call the specialist for help. Electrical repairs should be done by specialists for the safety of the user and the appliance. With proper maintenance and care the appliance offers the best performance for years to follow. Washing machines should be clean always and the soap drawer as well as the housing of the appliance should not be the space where soap and dirt build-up. The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed well and only the right amount of soap used. Excess soap not only results in loss or waste of money but also cause obstructions in the appliances and damages to the clothes. Soap bars or soap tablets are never recommended for use in the washing machine as it easily lead to blockage of the soap dispenser. The minute pieces of the soap bars may not dissolve well and thus the pipes inside too are blocked. The reliable and recommended washing powder may be used always. Use the recommended amount of soap as per the quantities of laundry, check the soap dispenser if remains are there and clean it. The washing machines, like other electronic products and household appliances, should be serviced regularly. With proper maintenance the appliance ensures trouble-free performance and 100% value.




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