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Revlon Dark Pleasures Nail Polish 9.44ml

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 20, 2011 05:23 AM

Revlon cosmetics and beauty products are used by customers owing to their innovative formulation and quality. Among their top cosmetic products is Revlon Nail polishes. The Revlon Dark Pleasures Nail Polish 9.44ml is a beautiful creation by company. It gives your nails a desired and rich shade. You can get intense and rich colour that suits almost all skin tones. Give you nails gorgeous and shiny effects with this nail colour from Revlon. 

Pros: This 9.44ml bottle nail polish lasts you longer. You can paint you finger nails and toe nails with this beautiful colour. It blends with your skin tone and creates outstanding results. The metallic colour is perfect when you are out on holidays, parties or weddings. You can choose from a range of metallic shades and start a new collection. A shiny effect is offered by this nail polish. With essential ingredients it protects your nails from damage and discoloration. This nail polish will dry quickly and will not flake easily. It stays on your nails for long and gives a perfect finish for days. This nail enamel comes with a perfectly designed brush that covers all the areas of your nail. It gives coverage to the sides, tips and corner of your nails.

cons: None

conclusion: Revlon Dark Pleasures Nail Polish will give your boring nails some colour and excitement. Paint you nails with this nail enamel and get the perfect look.

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