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Risebridge Golf Club

By: Rex Inego | May 04, 2008 08:05 PM

Risebridge is a deceptively nice course. Everything leading up to teeing off, from driving in to walking into the pro-shop, will give you the impression that you are about to play a pitch and putt that has been slapped down in the middle of a building site. The immediate surrounding area looks rough, with piles of rubble and various rough patches of ground and structures undergoing building works. The modestly small clubhouse, whilst being functional enough, is also nothing to write home about.

This is partly to be expected from a course that is right near the bottom of the scale for green fees in the area. Fortunately, once you get out onto the course, you will be pleasantly surprised as the scenery improves and the perfectly reasonable quality of the course begins to show. There are still many signs of construction as you go round, with some holes being bordered by big mud banks.

This has been the case for several years and so will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. However, this is mostly in aid of the betterment of the course, although the owners are clearly cashing in on some industrial dumping as part of the on going course landscaping project.

On the whole, this does little to detract from what is a pleasant parkland course. There are no holes in particular to mention, as they mostly all follow the pattern of moderately tight fairways with various woody obstructions, and small greens protected by bunkers. Although there is nothing to be particularly impressed about here, there is also not much to complain about either, with the course ticking all the right boxes for a pleasant round.

Pros: - Cheap green fees and buggies available for just 12. - Course usually in good condition

cons: - Car park and clubhouse looks like a wasteland in the middle of a war zone - Can get excessively busy

conclusion: Worth a visit, especially if you are looking for a cheap round, but be wary of how busy it can get and that a booked teeing off time doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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