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Roberts R9928 DAB Radio

By: Chris Kevin | Jun 11, 2011 03:13 AM

The sound of music have always been part of humans since ages and it now gets a powerful, stylish and compact design to enjoy the songs! Roberts R9928 DAB Radio with AM, FM and LW tuners offers top quality transmission and hence the innumerable types and varieties of music available worldwide can be enjoyed in the comfort of the home as and when required! Introduced in 2001 it can be powered by mains or battery, hence is portable too. Designed in dimensions of 175 x 95 x 280 mm and having a trendy retro style plus sturdy handle for convenience it offers exemplary features that can be set accurately without any apprehensions. Well equipped with 4 preset stations for quick selection of the preferred channel; angled tuning dial; separate bass and treble controls and ‘soft feel’ volume and tuning controls, this DAB radio is indeed the best reliable ‘music box’! With large loudspeakers for optimum clarity and headphone socket to enjoy the power of transmission without interference or disturbances every aspect is well checked to offer the best! Roberts R9928 Portable DAB Radio weighing 1.17 kg is offered with an AC adapter and the batteries required when in DC mode is 4 x LR 14 or C size batteries.

General Info
Brand Roberts
Model Roberts R9928 DAB Radio
Dimensions 175 x 95 x 280 mm
Weight 1.17 kg
Radio Type Table top / portable
Type of operation Electric and battery
Number of Batteries required 4 x LR batteries
Sound system Digital
Number of Preset stations 4
Head phone socket Yes
FM stereo through headphones Yes
Analogue Tuner Yes
Built in speakers Yes
Bass boost function Yes




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