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Rochas Lip Gloss 6ml

By: Andrew Wilson | Aug 22, 2011 09:56 AM

Rochas Lip Gloss is available in 6 ml bottle, convenient to carry. It needs very little space in your bag and can be used whenever you feel the need for a bit of perk-up! 

Pros: Rochas Lip Gloss 6ml is appropriate to use during all occasions. If you are in a mood to party, all you have to do is apply the lip gloss over your favourite lip colour. The subtle yet evident shimmer will make your lips fuller and rich. If you do not want to be too assertive in your make-up, the lip gloss can be used alone. The bright and shiny look will enhance the beauty of your lips in a subtle way.

cons: No

conclusion: Rochas Lip Gloss 6ml is ideal for all occasions as it can be used alone or in combination with colours of lip shades. Carry it with you for fast and effective application.

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