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Royal Blending Brush

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 17, 2011 08:14 AM

To create good face or eye-make up you should use perfectly designed brushes and styling tools. The Royal Blending Brush is designed to create effective and stylish eye make-up. This Eye Shadow Brush can be used to spread and blend eye shadows on your eye lids. You can work it all over your eye lids beneath the eye-brows to get definite and bold look. 

Pros: The ultra soft brush offers gently care to your eye lids and area around your eyes. With this easy to use brush, eye make-up becomes an easy affair. Made from top quality materials, the brush offers comfortable use. With an extra long handle, you can grip the brush well. It is compact and fits inside your eye shadow box. Made from long lasting soft synthetic bristles, the brush can be used for several applications. It blends the colours well and offers perfect finish. With this brush, the edges and contours of eye lids and area around the eye will be covered completely. This works effectively as a brush for fine blending of shadows, liners and concealers. It provides better finishing and gives you desirable looks.

cons: None

conclusion: This high quality, Royal Blending Brush works as a replacement for your original brush. Simple and light weight, this brush ensures perfect styling results. It offers gentle care to your eye and gives excellent finish

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