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Royal French Manicure Nail Tips

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 15, 2011 07:01 AM

Artificial nail tips are designed to style your finger nails when you are going for parties, special events or on a normal day. The Royal French Manicure Nail Tips is wonderful way to adore and beautify your nails. The manicure nail tips can be attached to your nails to give a clean and perfect appearance. Short and beautifully Squared Nails works for everyone. 

Pros: You can instantly style your nails with this French manicure nails. This pack contains 24 Beige Nails in 12 different sizes. You can select the sizes to suit your needs and likes. Everyone will mistake these artificial nails for natural ones. Easy attachment of the nails is possible with the nail glue. The 3g nail glue effectively sticks the nail tips to your original nails. The nail tips are perfectly shaped, sized and coloured. The strong nails do not cause any damage and will not break off easily. Glue these nail tips to your nails and create a French manicure effect.

cons: None

conclusion: Style your nails the way you want with the Royal French Manicure Nail Tips. Create a distinctive looks with these wonderful nail tips. Long or short, you can opt for any size your want. These nail tips is very functional and it will not come off easily.

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