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Saffron Rich Colour Lipsticks Ref 28

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 23, 2011 08:31 AM

Accentuate the beauty of your lips and lip contours by using a wonderful lip colour like the Saffron Rich Colour Lipsticks Ref 28. The rich and deep shade of the lipstick matches with almost every skin tone. You can use the lip colour alone or use it along with a lip gloss. It creates a stunning appearance and amplifies your lips. 


Pros: The compact lipstick can be placed in your handbags or purses for quick applications when you are preparing for a late night dinner or party. The bold colours instantly brighten your lips and make them luscious. It does not dry your lips but restores the lost moisture. Adding the necessary shine and moisture, this lipstick will be your favorite among the lot. It makes your lips softer and supple. The lip colour stays longer and it offers a perfect finish. The lip colour will not smear or smudge but stays on the lips for hours. This long lasting lip-colour offers healthy and glowing lips Ref 28 lip colour from Saffron is perfectly styled to provide maximum coverage. The tips of the lipstick can be used to highlight the lines of your lips.

cons: None

conclusion: The lipstick is a must-have make-up tool for every woman. If you are looking for attention, then win it by wearing this rich colour lipstick. Since, the colour stays longer you need not get any touch-ups in between the party.

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