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Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH LCD Monitor

By: Evabarnet | Apr 06, 2011 12:40 AM

Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH LCD Monitor is a new LCD monitor that has arrived in October 2010. The enclosure body of the television is rose black. This wide screen television comes with a stylish design, which can offer optimum performance. This monitor features a 27" TFT screen display with an optical resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a colour support of 16.7 million colours. The response time of the LCD Monitor screen has an unprecedented 1 ms response time. The aspect ratio of the featured display is the cinematic friendly 16:9.The video format of the high resolution display is 1080p (FullHD). The device display positions can be tilted at an angle of 20 degrees. The image brightness of the pictures that are displayed on the screen is 300 cd/m2. The viewing angles of the screen are 170 and 160 degrees thus enabling flexibility while watching television. The signal inputs to this LCD monitor include HDMI, DVI-I and VGA. The analogue video signals that are available with this television are RGB and composite video. The interfaces that supply signals to the LCD monitor are 24 pin DVI-I signal,19 pin HDMI of type A and 15 pin VGA pin. This LCD monitor requires an operational power consumption of 50 Watts with a standby power consumption of 1 watt. This ENERGYSTAR monitor operates on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium/Windows 7. At a weight of 6.7 kg, Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH 27 inch LCD Monitor measures 66.7 cm X 24.4 cm X 48.4 cm (H X D X W).

General Information
Brand Samsung
Model Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH LCD Monitor
Weight 6.7 kg
Size 66.7 cm X 24.4 cm X 48.4 cm(H X D X W).
Diagonal Screen size 27inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Response time 2ms
Colour support 16.7 million colours
Image Brightness 300cd/m2
Power consumption 50 Watts
Standby Power Consumption 1 watt
Viewing angle 170 and 160 degrees
Warranty Two years
Wall mountable Yes
VGA connection Yes
DVI connection Yes
Tilt angle 20




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