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Satsuma Body Polish

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 31, 2011 06:06 AM

Get youthful and healthy looking skin with the Satsuma Body Polish. This body polish offers a lustre and shine, you desire. The gel based formula is easier to apply on your body and it gives a smoother and even appearance. This foaming scrub rejuvenates your body cells and opens the cells. The scrub effectively removes the dry and damaged skin making your pores breathable. 

Pros: Extracts like crushed walnut shells and loofah particles combines to form this excellent scrub. Presence of Orange essential oil, effective uplifts, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. Tempting, sweet citrus fragrance evokes your senses and the scent lasts on your skin for longer. Vitamin C containing powerful antioxidant offers excellent protection and nourishment to your skin. Along with the scent, it gives a natural orange tint. Skin is effectively moisturized with organic honey extracts. This body polish from Satsuma is formulated for normal skin. Every day use results in a healthier and glowing skin. The scrub instantly refreshes your body and offers glowing results.

cons: None

conclusion: Available in a compact and easy to apply pack, the Satsuma Body Polish offers mess-free use. You can use the body polish all over your body to get the stylish and gorgeous appearance.

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