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Satsuma Puree Body Lotion

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 31, 2011 06:04 AM

Give your body effective nourishment through the Satsuma Puree Body Lotion. Special formulation of this body lotion offers excellent care and protection to your body skin. The lightweight body lotion is absorbed easily by the skin and it does not leave any sticky results. It can be applied all over your skin and when used regularly you can enhance the health of the skin. 

Pros: It’s fresh and tempting citrus scent stays on your skin for long. The mild aroma rejuvenates your senses and keeps you refreshed all day. It hydrates the skin and gives you glowing results. Your skin feels soft, supple and healthy with this body lotion. By using this lotion dryness is completely removed and you get feather soft skin. Non-greasy gel formula of the lotion offers a smooth non-sticky finish. The moisture of the skin is effective restored. Users with normal skin can make the best of this body lotion.

cons: None

conclusion: The refreshing gel is absorbed by the skin in minutes. Satsuma essential oil in the body lotion conditions the skin while the natural citrus scent offers a long lasting fragrance. Shea butter containing antioxidant vitamins A and E reduces the damages caused by sun and other elements. Sunflower seed oil is also found in this lotion. Priced reasonably, you get the best value for your money.

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