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Scrub - Balance Board II

By: Rex Inego | Dec 26, 2005 03:36 PM

The scrub balance board is designed to perfect your balance. Once mastered you will be able to take to skateboarding, kiteboarding, surfing and other balance-hungry sports without any trouble.

Scrub's balance board is mounted on a plastic rail, which runs the full length of the board, allowing the roller underneith to slide back and forth without coming off.

Pros: The board moves incredibly fast and hard meaning you will never out-grow it. Even hardened professionals will find this balance board the perfect tool to improve their skills. Made from high quality materials, this board will last a long time. Beginners can use the board on carpet for an easier ride - i highly recommend this because on a hard, flat surface i can almost gaurantee that you will do yourself an injury, and the roller moves a LOT slower on carpet, but fast enough to get to grips with. Your balance improves surprisingly quickly. I am already competant on carpet and i started with little balance at all. The price is great, and cheaper than rival balance boards that i've seen.

cons: Not to be mistaken for a toy - This is a hazardous piece of equipment especially when used on a hard surface. I'd bet money that 1 in 4 people hurt themselves in one way or another from using this balance board.

conclusion: An essential tool for anyone looking to improve their balance. If you are someone who wants to start a sport or hobby requiring good balance than i highly recommend this. I'd also recommend this to anyone who enjoys a tough challenge. The Scrub Balance board will last a long time and you will never out-grow it.

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