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Scrub Balance Board Trainer

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 15, 2011 07:04 AM

If you have problem balancing on your skaters, then you should polish your balancing skills with Scrub Balance Board Trainer. Specially designed to improve your balancing on skates, this balance board trainer becomes a perfect companion for all skate lovers. You can perform skate tricks with it. 80cms in length and 22cms in width, this balance board trainer can be handled and used conveniently. After use you can store it underneath your bed or store safely inside your cupboard. 

Pros: Using the balance board trainer you can polish and perfect tricks like grinds, spins, hang 10s and 50:50's. With adjusting capabilities, you can modify the rides with stick on rubber dampeners. Beginners can control and balance the ride by opting for slow speeds while experienced skaters can enjoy the fun of the ride by increasing the speed. The board is made from a standard deck with a plastic runner below. The runner below keeps it attached to the roller. The curve shaped roller has sides that spin. Elastic strap is attached to the board and it prevents accidents when it moves quickly.

cons: For beginners the board can be too much fast.

conclusion: Scrub Balance Board Trainer is fun to play with. You can actually nurture your balancing techniques with this wonderful balance trainer. It creates an easy and seamless skate feel that everyone will love.

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