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Sculptz Lightweight Sheer Tights

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 06, 2011 05:37 AM

A beautiful design that feels next to skin, the Sculptz Lightweight Sheer Tights in 15 Denier knit is comfortable and the style ensured is awesome! Designed in a light nylon and spandex knit it has shaping control panels for sculpting the torso. It sculpts and lifts the rear, and tones the hips and thighs. The right compression offered by this design heightens the blood circulation from toe to thighs and minimizes fatigue. Ideal to be worn under lighter dresses as well these tights made from 72% nylon and 28% elastane prevents Visible Panty Lines. It is well created scientifically for day-long use. 

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable to wear, convenient to use and designed to enhance the looks by suppressing the unwanted flab and fats this Tights is a must-have addition in her collection for regular use. Not just aesthetically appealing it also is healthier as the graduated compression heightens the blood circulation thus preventing fatigue.

cons: Nil

conclusion: The only one of its kind complete with elegant looks, stylish, lightweight and comfortable it appeals to all the women. Ideal to be worn regularly it tones the figure, reducing the tummy, uplifting and sculpting the rear and enhancing the blood circulation of the lower torso. Made of nylon and elastane it is a true value product that suits all skin types. Sculptz Lightweight Sheer Tights can be worn beneath any styles of dresses of different sizes and colours.

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