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By: Rex Inego | May 18, 2009 08:06 AM

The watercraft that offers more engine options, useful features and colour options, SEADOO GTI 2008 offers better value.

Ideal for 3 persons, its 130 hp engine- the ROTAX 4-TECή with closed loop cooling system has bore x stroke of 100 x 63.4mm, displacement of 1494cc, compression ratio of 10.6:1, digital inductive ignition and electric starter. With direct drive, forward, reverse and neutral transmissions, it has a stainless steel impeller and composite / aluminium, axial flow, single stage, large hub with 10 vane stator pump. With Sea-Doo direct drive propulsion system and naturally aspirated with 52mm throttle body intake, it supports 12V battery and has a fuel capacity of 15.9 gallons for the regular unleaded type petrol, Modified Vee hull type and storage capacity of 12.4 gallons.

Pros: Designed in dimensions of (H) 45.9 x (W) 49Ԕ x (L) 127 inches and weighing 747 lbs, it is perfect for 1,2 or 3 riders to enjoy unforgettable day on the water. Priced competitively, it is the non-stop ticket to the perfect day.

cons: Not known.

conclusion: Being out on the water to provide endless opportunities to know nature better, this sturdy GTI SE designed for up to 3 persons offer optimum price to performance values. The best combination of technology and power, this watercraft offers more engine options, useful features and colour options at better value.

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