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By: Rex Inego | Sep 21, 2007 11:39 AM

My wife told me not to buy another SeaDoo because of the miserable experiance my buddy and I had had with our 1997 XP's. After owning the XP's for a 2 years we each started having engin problems, 3 motors each later we just threw them away. I have to say the hull design is the best...So he bought another, a 2003...he just replaced the engin!! his wife is pissed.

I on the other hand beging smarter then he, purchased in stead a 2005 RXP supercharged. I keep maticulas care of it. Oil & filter changes, plugs, everything Im supposed to. Guess what, I just blew the engin. Thats right, snapped a rod, punched a hole in the bottom case, siezed the other two pistions. NICE!!! I now own a $10,500 piece of trash. out of warranty!! We have a 2003 Kawasaki, not a problem, we also have a 2005 Honda, not a problem.

Pros: Runs like a bat out of heck!! havent been beeten yet by another jet.

cons: Piece of crap, does not hold up under normal hard fun. Im 50 years old, keep it in perfect order and it fell apart.

conclusion: Unless Seadoo steps up and stands behing this failur, I will never buy another SeaDoo product again!!

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