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By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2009 09:34 AM

Designed with the most powerful engine in watercraft, SEADOO RXT-X 2008 has the industrys best power to weight ratio. The jaw-dropping style with hyper silver colouration and distinctive graphics on the exterior, it has race style handle-bar and steering system, special low profile high-grip seat that offers utmost power for fine tuning the ride position.

High quality powerful engine, superb propulsion system complete with the best features, strong hull and components and limited warranty of 1-year makes this water craft for up to 3 persons. Designed in dimensions of (L) 130 inches x (W) 48 inches x (H) 46.5 inches and weighing 372 kg, it is the best reliable high-powered modified Җ V composite water craft.

Pros: Designed with the best of materials for powerful, smooth and comfortable ride in a variety of conditions and greater manoeuvrability, it is strong and easy to maintain.

cons: Not known.

conclusion: The perfect way to enjoy hours of fun in safe yet high-powered manner with this water sport that has capacity of up to 3 persons, every aspect has been well taken care of for smooth and exciting rides.

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