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Shadhona, Bishop's Stortford

By: Rex Inego | Aug 17, 2008 11:57 PM

Shadhona has long been Stortford's best indian restaurant out of the 4 or 5+ indians available in the town. Eating in, you get the best tasting food, but the takeaway service is pretty good overall.

We went for a meal at Shadhona 2 weeks ago and it was superb! From the moment we sat down to when we left, we were able to chat quite comfortably amongst ourselves without the worry of upsetting other diners. That's very important for me when eating in a restaurant as there is nothing worse that feeling you have to whisper to prevent the people around you from hearing everything you say. Shadhona plays quiet music, but they also have a water screen at one end of the restaurant which looks nice, but also adds to the background noise.

When we sat down it took a while before our orders were taken for food, and then our meal took quite a long time coming, though we had plenty of popadums to keep us going. We were a large party of 10, sat on a long table, though the popadums came out on 2 plates, with 2 sets of dips. Sharing accross 3 tables was awkward, and the waiter should have recognised this.

When our food came it was certainly worth the wait! My chicken shashlik was perfectly cooked, the chicken very succulent! Onion bahges were fresh & tasty, without the oily taste you get from other Indian restaurants. We had many other sides such as Sagg Aloo (spinach and potatoes) and these were also spot on! Most importantly, my garlic naan bread was amazing! It was so fresh tasting and had plenty of garlic on it. I usually find with Indian restaurants that the garlic naans tend to have a very weak garlic taste, but not at Shadhona!

Finally, the cost of our meal was very surprising. It worked out at just 15 per head, and considering we all had a couple of drinks and a fantastic night out, I am astonished that it was so cheap!

Pros: When getting takeaway, Shadhona sometimes throw in a free large bottle of Bangla indian beer, which normally costs 3 or 4 quid and tastes pretty good too. Quality of food is exceptional Price of food is astonishing, given the food quality! Nice interior Large HD television in the corner of the restaurant, usually playing BBC 1 with the sound down or off, though i've been to Shadhona on a Sunday before where they had eastenders playing with the sound up. Good for some, though others may hate this. On Sundays they offer a buffet service. However this is a small buffet with a small selection of food. They cook an appropriate amount of food for the number of people in the restaurant so that the buffet tastes fresh at all times.

cons: Takeaway service is collection only (no local delivery service). The raised platform dining area makes you feel a bit exposed and open. Might just be paranoid but it feels like all eyes are on you when sitting up there.

conclusion: Shadhona is definitely the best indian restaurant in Bishops Stortford, and for good reason. The food is spot on every time, and the whole dining experience is almost flawless.

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