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Simple Tips to Save Energy When Using the Washing Machine

By: Evabarnet | Sep 16, 2011 08:26 AM

Washing machines are part of every home and hotels to manage the laundry effortlessly. However it is a major energy consuming machine though inevitable. A few simple tips help one save energy whether using an old or a brand new washing machine. Setting the temperature at minimum results in great energy saving. Cold water or warm water ensures excellent cleanliness for the regular loads. Only the tough greasy, grimy and dirty clothes with stain require hot water to clean it. Using different detergents help one to understand the performance and the cleanliness it provides when using cold water. Heavily soiled or stained laundry can be washed well with this detergent without heating the water by pre-soaking it. The rinse water temperature hardly affects the cleaning process, so it is always best to use normal cold water. The water heater thermostat can be set at minimum or low to save energy. The regular cleaning requires warm water of 120 degrees F. The washing machines can be loaded to the optimum levels to minimize water and energy consumption. Check the maximum load the washing machine is designed to and weigh the laundry before piling it, so as to maximize the performance without over-loading it. Washing a huge load of laundry is easier and efficient that managing two loads at medium settings. The lightly soiled clothes can be washed by Suds-Saving function so as to recycle the wash water for the next load. It however requires immediate washing of the second load and saves water, detergent and energy. Sort the laundry based on the texture before loading the machine. The lightweight synthetics dry easily and hence does not need the spin cycle (spin cycle results in creasing and crumpling of the clothes and may require ironing. Avoiding it means lesser ironing chore too!) The natural fibre materials like cotton and linen generally part of bed-linen, jeans and towels only require the spinning mode for quicker drying. Never over-dry it and it is best recommended to remove it while still damp, for the longevity of the clothes and lesser power consumption. The auto-dry function saves time and energy.




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