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SkinTruth Cuticle Massage Cream

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 05, 2011 08:48 AM

Cuticles are very delicate surfaces and one must give essential care to this area. The growth of the nail depends on the healthiness of the cuticles and thus, it requires lot of protection. With the SkinTruth Cuticle Massage Cream you can bring back the life of the cuticles. The importance of the cuticle massage cream makes it one of the essential items in a hand treatment kit.  This cream helps in softening the cuticle before removing it. Besides, it also conditions the nail bed area. 

Pros: Essential ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil makes it very effective. These factors strengthen the nail and promote its growth. Rosemary extracts effectively moisturizes, regenerates and stimulate circulation. By conditioning the nail bed area, it keeps the area smooth and soft. You can enhance the appearance of the nail and cuticle with this cuticle massage cream.

cons: No

conclusion: SkinTruth Cuticle Massage Cream comes in an easy to apply container. It contains enough cream to keep you going for long. Contents like Rosemary, Cocoa butter and Almond oil makes it even richer.

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