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Skintruth Pedicure Foot Care Kit

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 02, 2011 09:55 AM

The Skintruth Pedicure Foot Care Kit offers ultimate care and protection for your feet. This foot care kit comprises of all the essentials required for a pedicure. It consists of a Pedicure Foot and Leg Lotion, Pedicure Re-hydrating Foot Masque, Pedicure Revitalizing Spray, Pedicure Foot Soak, Pre Pedicure Hygiene Spray and Pedicure Foot Scrub. 

The cooling Foot and Leg Lotion can be used to revitalize and deodorize your feet and legs with a refreshing effect. It contains essentials that not only moisturizes and conditions the feet but also softens the dry skin. Built-in deodorizer and essential oils present in Pedicure Revitalizing Spray treats sore effectively. By applying Re-hydrating Foot Masquec containing botanical extracts, you get smooth and moisturized feet. 

You can remove dry and rough skin with the Foot Scrub. Hygiene Spray and Foot Soak are does it work perfectly. 

Pros: All these ingredients and contents provide extra care and protection to your feet. It leaves your feet moisturized and conditioned. The convenient and easy to use kit offers excellent pedicure results.

cons: No

conclusion: Skintruth Pedicure Foot Care Kit contains all the essential sprays, lotions and masque with which you can pedicure at home.

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