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Slazenger Training Zone Stump

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 06, 2011 07:04 AM

For intense cricket training sessions and practices you will require good value sports equipment. With innovative and functional cricket equipment you can improve your strategies and take lead in your games. The Slazenger Training Zone Stump is specially designed for bowling/fielding drills. This is specially designed to improve your focus and target fielding practice. 

Pros: It fixes on the ground firmly and offers improved bowling practise for bowlers. With re-coil spring spike, the stump does not fall off and you can save time. For intense cricket practising sessions and training, this stump is a valuable one. A fielding practice or bowling session is incomplete without it. This full size, spring loaded practice stump is 28” in size and you can get a realistic practise. Suitable for bowling and fielding drills, this stump becomes a favourite training item for the bowler and fielder. Made from high quality materials, it can withstand intense and powerful hits. The bowler can improve the aim and concentrate better while the fielder can enhance the fielding skills.

cons: None

conclusion: The Slazenger Training Zone Stump will not prove disappointing but very useful. You can challenge your skills and bowling capabilities with it. Make your everyday practising fruitful with this training zone stump.

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