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Slingshot 2010 Lunacy Kite Surf Board

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 15, 2011 07:08 AM

Hit those giant waves with the Slingshot 2010 Lunacy Kite Surf Board. The kite surf board can take your surfing to a whole new level. The new Slingshot Lunacy 2010 is available in three size options 129, 132 and 135cms. Excellent shock absorption and dampening is possible with its improved taper wall sidewalls. 

Made from Future Response Technology, the board becomes light weight and strong offering more flexibility while surfing. Best suited for flat water freestyle riding, this one becomes a perfect riding board. 


Pros: Its Twin tip design allows you to use the board in both ways while the Wide shape offers better riding capabilities. Hyper Tip Flex ensures better pop with less drag. More power is offered with its parabolic rails. The Duraglide base makes the product hard wearing and durable. This pack comprises of Slingshot Lunacy Deck, 4 x 2" Slingshot High Aspect Fins and Thermo formed Doyle grab handle. The BOLT-ONS integrated foot pad provides superior grip to your feet and offers better balance. It also comprises of a micro adjust strap system.

cons: None

conclusion: Slingshot 2010 Lunacy Kite Surf Board is designed so that you can land high jumps softly and slice through the air easily. Sporty looks and design makes this surf board fantastic.

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