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Slingshot Lunacy (2008) Kite Board

By: Rex Inego | Jul 04, 2009 06:56 AM

Introduced by chief board designer- John Doyle and developed by Ruben Lenten Slingshot Lunacy (2008) Kiteboard is for hardcore freestyle riding.

It has super aggressive twin tip with a wide shape and sharp rail, is light-weight and strong, has parabolic, single concave and constant curve rocker and has slingshot legendary construction.

The package include lunacy deck, 4 numbers of 2 inches high aspect fins, newly designed Doyle asymmetrical foot pads with toe-grip and Doyle asymmetrical toe grips.

Pros: Ideal for water freestyle riding, it is made to be ridden in both ways. Light weight and strong, it has quality assurance and has flex, rebound, energy and pop!

cons: It is designed for the aggressive riders only.

conclusion: The only kiteboard with Future Response Technology, it is light weight, strong and the complete package is highly recommended for the enthusiasts of water free style riding and this board can be ridden in both ways.

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