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Smart Parts Vibe Marker

By: Rex Inego | Jun 19, 2009 09:28 AM

An amazing gun that brings matchless performance in shooting, Smart Parts Vibe Marker works perfectly well with low-pressure electro pneumatic method. Weighing a mere 1lb, it has a length of 8.75 without the barrel. The sources of gas are CO2 or HPA and it has an operating pressure of 180psi.

Complete with anti-chop system with low force bolt, it features dual rubber type ball detent and stainless steel trigger pivot.

Powered by one 9v battery, the maximum fire rate comes to 15-17bps. It has a single barrel of 10Ԕ and frame of glass fibre toughened nylon to provide perfect grip. With vertical clamping feedneck, it has aluminium bolt and field legal mode lock.

Pros: Bringing outstanding performance and durability with quality components, this gun comes with firing modes which include 3 round burst, semi auto and full auto. To safeguard it from the likely hazards of CO2, it is provided with immense protection with the Max Flow R Vertical Regulator of Vibe. It comes included with standard ASA.

cons: It doesn’t work well with CO2 gas.

conclusion: Designed hammer-free, this gun is priced affordably and brings speedy and precise performance making it ideal for beginners to accomplish their gaming goals.

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