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Some Best Value Laptops

By: Andrew Wilson | Nov 15, 2011 09:10 AM

People invest on laptops thinking that they would last longer and offer unparalleled performance over the years. Not all laptops offer the same performance and value therefore you should make a wise choice before making an investment. The laptop packs a number of laptops some looks stylish while others offer unbeatable performance. Similarly, the needs of the user’s vary significantly. This article brings together some of the best value laptops from leading manufacturers. You can compare their offerings and choose a model that suits your budget. HP Envy 14 Priced at £1299, this laptop from HP offers decent performance. Not everyone will be drawn towards, this model as it is priced a bit heavily. Powered with Core i7 processor, it ensures average performance, making its suitable for everyday computing. It has a slow clock speed, so you can expect much performance out of it. MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 15Z priced almost same offers relatively better efficiency. With a solid chassis, the laptop becomes durable and long lasting. Another plus point of this laptop is its keyboard, which equips easy to type keys. Besides, it also offers better cushioning. It boasts a 14” screen that offers effortless viewing. Lenovo G770 Lenovo G770, 17.3-inch screen laptop is perfect for users who are in search for a large display. Apart from the better viewing capabilities, the device features a Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7 2620M processor running at a 2.7GHz that delivers unrivalled performance. With 6GB RAM, the device becomes a true performer. Multimedia entertainment and gaming are possible with this laptop. It offers almost the same technical specifications of the MacBook Pro that costs more than £1000. Cost-wise, the Lenovo G770 is a better choice over MacBook Pro. The laptop opens to reveal brushed metal, body with well spaced out keys. The keyboard with well cushion keys provides quick and smarter typing experience. Dell Inspiron 17R Another model that is worth mentioning here is Dell Inspiron 17r, powered with Sandy Bridge Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. With multitasking capabilities, it is sure to win admiration of all professional users. Reasonably priced at £629, you get the best value from this laptop. With a 17” screen, the laptop guarantees easy and smart viewing choices. Other interesting attributes of the laptop includes HDMI socket, 8-in-1 card reader and four USB ports. This unit is Wi-Fi enabled and supports Bluetooth technology. At such as great price, the laptop offers host of features. Acer Aspire 5750G-2636G75Mnkk Acer Aspire 5750G is renowned for its performance and versatility. Engineered with Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7 processor and 6GB of RAM, the laptop delivers impeccable performance and facilitates Multi-tasking. Excellent storage solution is offered through the 750GB hard drive. It comes with a price tag of £700 making it a perfect pick for the budget conscious people. With strong battery back-up of up to 3 hours, you can work when you are on the move. Weighing 2.6kg, the laptop becomes convenient to carry around and use. Performance, style and functionality offered by this laptop are incomparable. At such price, you couldn’t possibly ask for more from this model. MSI FX720 Costing around £714, the laptop is a good performer. Packed with loads of exciting features, it wins admiration from all over. The laptop with 17-inch screen offers east viewing solutions. The unit is well designed and built with a 3kg chassis. It can be used, as an alternative to desktop PC. Intel Core i5 processor powers the laptop. For improved graphics and multimedia entertainment, nVidia GeForce GT 520M chip is integrated in it. Samsung RV720 This is a budget friendly laptop available in the market. Perfect for beginners, the £477 laptop offers decent speed and efficient performance. With a weight of 2.9kg, the laptop can be carried transported conveniently. It boasts 750GB storage, offering enough room to store videos, images, music and more. SD card reader, VGA and HDMI ports are other additions of this laptop. For online gaming and multimedia entertainment this unit is perfect. Decent battery back up, smart features and storage are the plus points of this laptop. Style of the laptop is manifested through the sleek design. The SD card reader is less susceptible to fingerprints and smudges. If you are looking for a long time investment, this is least recommended by experts. All these laptop models have their own distinctive attributes and features. Choose a laptop that suits your needs and budget.




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