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Sony NW-MS7 MP3 Player

By: Chris Kevin | Mar 16, 2011 04:21 AM

The Sony NW-MS7 MP3 Player lets you carry your favourite music collections wherever you go. Within this compact MP3 player you can cram plenty of music files. Though it comes in a minimalist look, it offers unrivalled music playback options. With smart features, you get the best output from this MP3 player. Added to its visual appeal is the unique styling and compact look. It features a USB port that allows you to connect to the PC for high-speed data transfer. Sharing music becomes easy with this feature. With 64 MB flash memory, it offers space to store 120 minutes of music. It features a solid-state memory chip. You can update new songs without deleting old collections. The simplicity, ease and flexibility offered by this Sony MP3 player are incomparable. This music player is MP3 and Windows 98 compatible. Measuring Width: 1.5, Depth: 0.7, Height: 3.7 and weighing 2.5 Ounces, this device can be carried in your pockets. It plays music in stereo mode and you can enjoy rich and realistic audio. Sony NW-MS7 Compact MP3 Player offers excellent listening experience. This device is a perfect blend of style, design and performance. With outstanding music playback capabilities, this device becomes a versatile companion of all music lovers.

General Information
Brand Sony
Model Sony NW-MS7 MP3 Player
weight 2.5 Ounces
Dimensions (D) 1.5 x (D) 0.7 x (H) 3.7 inches
Player Type Flash
Capacity 64 MB
Sound Output Mode Stereo
Connector Type USB




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