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Sony PSP (PSP)

By: Rex Inego | Apr 07, 2005 01:32 AM

The PSP appears to be a PS2 in a portable package with slightly toned down graphics. The PSP screen is a large 4.3in widescreen LCD display and the controls will be familiar to anyone who has played the PS1 or PS2. The PSP plays games on Sony's new proprietary Universal Media Disc (UMD) and also has a Memory Stick Duo slot for gamesaves, photos, music, and videos. The speakers are located on either side of the screen near the bottom of the unit and there is a USB output on the top of the unit. The PSP also includes a wifi adapter built in for wireless multiplayer games. The unit came with an AC Adapter, a padded case, a wrist strap, headphones with a remote for controlling music playback, a sampler demo disc, and Spider Man 2: The Movie.

Pros: The Display is absolutely beautiful Game graphics are very nice, expecially for a portable UMD movies look as good or better than DVD Multimedia capabilities - play your own music, movies, photos Wifi connection for wirelessly playing multiplayer games and browsing the internet (via the Wipeout Pure Browser Hack) GameSharing feature allows multiplayer games with only one copy of the game (only certain games support this, but there is a way to do it with others as well)

cons: Speakers could be louder UMD is proprietary MemoryStick media is extremely expensive No included web browser No included game Movie resolution on MemorySticks is limited Text entry is difficult until a keyboard accessory is released No video out to play UMD movies on TV screen

conclusion: The PSP is an amazing piece of technolgy. The games look great, UMD movies look even better. Sound through the headphones is very good, but the speakers are a bit weak. The high price of MemoryStick media is a drawback and buying UMD movies for the same price of a DVD may be too much for most people. Despite it's obvious flaws, the ability to play near PS2-quality games on the go, to browse the web, and the other multimedia capabilities of the PSP make it a must have purchase for any gamer or technophile. I definitely recommend it.

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