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Sony PSP (PSP)

By: Rex Inego | Aug 07, 2005 05:06 PM

I recently got the PSP, 1 month before it's official release date. With it I got two very tired eyes!

The PSP is simply astounding both technically and aesthetically. The 4.3in screen is just amazing, and it's display quality is brilliant!

The PSP plays games of what seems to be almost PSP quality and at a smooth constant frame rate.

Wireless connectivity between PSP's and internet make the PSP the ultimate handheld machine, not just for games but as a complete media center too as the PSP will play music and video too, as well as DVD movies on Sony's proprietary UMD disks.

Pros: Very comfotable in your hands, and whilst it's larger than rival handheld, Nintendo's DS, it is still pocketable and quite slim. The large screen is just beautiful. Gamesharing means that if you have two or more PSP's you can hook up to play some multiplayer, and only the Host will require the game. Wireless connectivity via WiFi and internet. The PSP seems to be very durable and doesn't scratch easily when left on a surface. Comes with 32mb memory stick. Connect to a PC using the supplied USB cable, and transfer files and even update the PSP firmware which is always being updated. Since it was released in Japan a long time before it's arrival in the US and Europe, hacks and custom applications are readily available should you wish to personalise your PSP and run emulated games on it.

cons: Speakers seem to lack Bass but they are ok. Whilst the included 32mb memory stick is absolutely fine for saving your games, you may require a much larger one if you wish to store music and video on your PSP. The PSP's analogue stick (which looks like a little speaker) is a little too far to the left for my liking which makes it a little uncomfortable to use for any length of time. Having it more to the right would have been a better design. Dead Pixels are something that a lot of people have complained about with their PSPs, which is basically where a couple of pixels on the screen recieve no colour information, so on a completely black screen you will notice a couple of tiny white dots which are the dead pixels. Not everyone gets these but unfortunately my PSP has 3 - they are so small however, that when you play a game you don't see them whatsoever.

conclusion: This really is the MUST HAVE gadget of the year. Never did I expect the PSP to deliver so well, and exceed my expectations! For the price you can't complain, especially if you have a few mates who also own a PSP that you can battle against.

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