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By: Chris Kevin | Jul 12, 2011 11:49 AM

Fragrances are always among the wish-list of women. Splendor from Elizabeth Arden is an admirable fragrance that every woman will love. It has mystic and tempting scent that makes it unique among other perfumes. Squirt this great smelling perfume in your dress and leave a trail wherever you go. You will not only smell good but will be always in the company of people. Elizabeth Arden created this perfume in 1998 and it is still one of the most-sought after perfume brands. 

Pros: The unique styled bottle creates a distinctive appeal and it looks great in your dressing table. The scent is perfectly packed inside the crystal clear bottle. It lasts for longer, and the scent will announce your arrival even from a distance. With notes of sweet pea, water lilly and freesia, it offers fresh and soothing effect on you and people around you. Middle notes comprise of magnolia, champagne and musk and the base notes include amber, rosewood and sandalwood. Blend of these notes produces an enticing scent. The perfume does not fade away easily and the mild smell stays on the clothes even after a wash.

cons: None

conclusion: Splendor from Elizabeth Arden is perfect for romantic occasions. It is suitable for all women. Unlike the pungent smell of the perfumes, it is mild and will not cause any headaches, but will spread magical charm on men.

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