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Srixon Distance Dozen Golf Balls

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 15, 2011 07:10 AM

Srixon Distance Dozen Golf Balls is a perfect companion and playmate for all golf players, both beginners and professionals. Perfectly designed with unique texture, shape and size, these golf balls provides excellent grip. It ensures better control and you can make excellent swings. It can move faster and cover more distance. These golf balls offer perfect bounce on the golf course. Higher initial velocity of these golf balls can make them really functional and useful. Once you hit the ball, it lands at greater distance and closer to the targets. 

Pros: Lighter and handy, these golf balls is perfect for golfers that have swing speed of 80mph or greater. You can take the lead in the game with these fantastic golf balls. It has a High Repulsion Gradient Growth Core but a smooth exterior. The Damage Resistant Cut Proof Cover of the balls makes it extremely durable. With added Impact Absorbance you can make every hit unforgettable. Elasticized design and two layer construction makes the golf balls perfect during intense games. By covering great distances with ease, you can always be ahead of the game. This pack consists of 12 durable and highly resistance golf balls.

cons: None

conclusion: Srixon Distance Dozen Golf Balls weighs 1.67 Lb and comes in a 1.75” width. These balls can be maintained in good condition by washing it with water and soap. Ionomer is shell material used to make this golf ball

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