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St.Tropez Self Tan Body Moisturiser 240ml

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 19, 2011 05:06 AM

For even and perfect tanning results, you can make use of the St.Tropez Self Tan Body Moisturiser 240ml. It provides maximum tanned effects when you are using a tanning polish. This formula suits on almost all skin types. This self tan body moisturizer offers a youthful and healthy skin. 

Pros: Available in a 240ml pack, this moisturizer can be used for many applications. It provides better moisturizing of your tanned skin and it help maintain a natural tanned look. This moisturizer comes in an easy to use bottle. Get rich and longer-lasting tan with this excellent product. By using, this moisturizer daily, you can restore the skin’s lost moisture and nourishment. Your skin will look flawless and smooth with this highly effective moisturizer. Perfectly blended with botanicals, essential oils and herbs combined with L-Tyrosine in an aloe Vera base, this moisturizer really works wonders for your tanned skin. It can be used everyday for the gorgeous shine. You can apply more consciously on areas that dry faster. By applying the moisturizer on feet, knees and elbows before self tan, it offers softer skin.

cons: None

conclusion: St.Tropez Self Tan Body Moisturiser 240ml can be used before self tan applications and in between. It leaves skin hydrated and energized. This specially formulated moisturizer guarantees a long-lasting tan.

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