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SumVision OPUS Pro 1GB MP4 Player

By: Chris Kevin | May 20, 2011 09:10 AM

SumVision has launched a smart music player for their European markets. The brand-new SumVision OPUS Pro 1GB MP4 Player is a perfect travel companion for true music lovers. The style and performance of this new model make it one of the best models of the market. This advanced model is available in attractive white and black shades. Carried out with 1GB onboard storage capacity, this smart device offers sufficient storage for your songs. Auto turn-off and text reader function enabled in the device makes operations faster than ever before. This will help you to operate the player while driving. The main attraction of this new model is that, it is not a mere music player. This carefully designed MP4 player is a combination of six various functionalities. Along with music player, it incorporates voice recorder, games, FM, USB Flash drive and movie player. Supported file formats of the device include MP3, WMA, WAV and AMV format. You can use the device to record audios in WAV or ACT file formats. Player features three built-in games (tetris style game included) and JPEG browser as well. Connectivity interface of the device is a Hi-speed USB host that lets user to connect the device with external media like PC for easy file transmission. After having connected, you can move files to the player as you do with a USB data traveller. Stunning CSTN display of this classy gadget is a matter of great enthusiasm. This high resolution panel caters images of 65K colours to improve the viewing experience of the user. Standard Lithium rechargeable battery is what powers this innovative gadget and you can use the USB or power adaptor to charge the battery. The new SumVision OPUS Pro 1GB USB MP4 Player is a new model carried out for real music enthusiasts. Outstanding sound quality and simplicity in applications make this new mode different from the rest.

General Information
Brand SumVision
Model SumVision OPUS Pro 1GB MP4 Player
Colours Available Black/White
Backlit LCD Display CSTN
Storage Capacity 1GB
Battery Technology Li-ion
FM Tuner Yes
Photo Viewing Yes
Play Video Yes
MP3 Playback Yes
Add additional features Games, movies and USB flash drive




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