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Tan Towel Tanning Mist 50ml

By: Andrew Wilson | Aug 25, 2011 04:33 AM

The perfect tan for all types of skin tones, Tan Towel Tanning Mist 50ml absorbs fast in to skin. The hint of citrus fragrance is dispelled in a very less time after application, so that the fragrance will not mingle with the smell of perfumes. Shake the bottle well and apply to dry and clean exfoliated skin. The bottle should be held at least 12 inches away and should be misted in an even way. Direct spraying on the face is strictly prohibited. You can spray it in to your hands and apply it to your face. Care should be taken while applying, so that it does not come in contact with your eyes. 

The tan should be used along with Tan Towel towelettes for best results. Open the towel and apply on clean skin in circular movements. Next, shake the tan bottle well and spray in to the towel. Apply the misted towel in circular motions. Go on misting the towelette till you have covered the areas you want to tan.  Lesser quantity should be used around elbows, ankles and knees. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water after application. One application will give you your desired tan for about a week. Bathing and swimming should be avoided for 4 hours after an application. 

Pros: The tanning mist endows you with a natural sun tanned look which you can acquire only from tropical areas. The dark tan will be visible very fast after application and go on developing for the next 24 hours. The tan is available in shades of caramel and walnut. The self-tanner is easy to use and shows results fast. It is free from harmful dyes and stains. The tan has fast-drying capabilities with ultra-light formula.

cons: No

conclusion: Tan Towel Tanning Mist 50ml is a fast and effective self tanner without harmful products. It gives best results if used in combination with tan towel towelettes.

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