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The Fate of Chromebooks in 2012

By: Andrew Wilson | Nov 24, 2011 11:40 AM

The Chromebook is an ultra-slim portable unit which runs programs in the Cloud. Chrome is the brainchild of Google and was first manufactured by Samsung and Acer. During the first year of its appearance, the device has not been a huge success. In Analysts opinion the slow sales of Chromebook can be attributed to the consumer’s lack of knowledge with the concepts of Cloud computing. However, Retail chain Dixon is optimistic about Chromebook’s future. To show off the capabilities of Chromebook, Dixons has introduced a committed division in PC World on Tottenham Court road. One of the executives of Dixons’ told the Telegraph that the sales of Chromebook would go high the next year. Director of computing, Mark Slater told the news paper that by this time next year about 10% of the company’s computing business would be from the sale of Chromebook. With the correct combination of hardware partners and consumer awareness this target could be achieved. Even though Chromebook has not become a huge success, 1 in 10 computers sold is a Chromebook. It is expected that more big companies are coming to the market with Chromebooks next year. Anyway, if Dixons is able to impress the consumers by explaining the concept behind Google’s shiny portables in the right perspective, definitely the sales of Chromebook could be increased. At present the consumers are showing great interest in tablets. Some major companies are going to enter the market with Intel Ultrabooks. Finally Windows 8 tablet is expected to be released in 2012. When these factors are taken in to consideration, how can Slater make his aim come true? Of course it is admitted that Chromebook has its own merits – instantaneous booting and security of operating in the Cloud – coupled with this. If the price of the device comes a little low, the chance of materializing Slater’s prediction would be high.




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