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Things to consider when buying low-priced laptops

By: Rex Inego | Sep 10, 2011 10:35 AM

When you see a discount or special offer for a laptop, you will not want to miss the great opportunity. It provides additional savings to the customers and you can make a wonderful deal. However, when there is significant reduction on the price of the laptops you should be very conscious and careful. There are companies who intentionally bring down the prices of certain laptop models to boost their sales. Sometimes they will be offering less performing ones. You should not get deceived by these low-priced laptops that perform inferiorly. Sometimes laptops with old technology are offered at low priced, the manufactures takes this strategy to sell off the old models quickly before the new versions arrive in the market. Customers can easily be tricked and forced to buy laptops at great savings. By purchasing the laptops, customers get poor performance for their money. To escape from such tricks, you should read the product specifications carefully before committing any deal. You will under if the laptop uses new technology, hardware or chipset. Another step used by manufactures to attract the customers is advertising high capacity hard drives. Though, the hard drives offer 500GBs capacities, they will run at 5200rpm speeds. Go for hard drives that offer 7200rpm speeds so that you get faster performance. Warranty of the laptop should be given importance. There are laptops that offer onsite warranty or return to base (RTB) warranty. You should check the warranty before purchasing the model. In the case of return to base (RTB) warranty customers are required to send the laptops to the manufacturer’s locations sometimes, within the country or abroad. In these circumstances, customers should take the postal charges. Onsite warranty doesn’t require that and the company comes to your home for repairs within the warranty period. Customers should consider every aspect that matters and make a prudent decision. Never buy a laptop just because it comes with a low price tag.




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