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Thorpe Park

By: Rex Inego | May 05, 2009 09:05 AM

This vacation we friends planned for a trip to the Thorpe Park at Linolnshire village. We reached the theme park which is located in Chertsey, Surrey on a sunny morning. This park is divided into eight themed areas. We first entered Port Atlantis known as The Dome. All essential services are available in this building namely services for guests, a bar, toilets and staff areas. There is also a restaurant called The Glasshouseђ where we relaxed with some refreshments. Next we moved to the Lost City which is the biggest area of the park with majority of its rides like the Colossus with a soundtrack composed by Ian Habgood, a Samurai with a new colour scheme, a Vortex which is a 32 seater ride and a Quantum. We enjoyed all these spine-tingling rides. After that we occupied the Rush which is known as the Screaming Swing. This ride has 32 seats with lap bars that take you up to a height of around 60ft ! Imagine that!

Thorpe Park

We then reached the Calypso Quay with five rides namely the Nemesis Inferno which is a roller coaster, a Detonator known as a drop tower where we are hoisted up at the height of 115 ft with the legs dangling. This made us very uncomfortable. The next ride was the Time Voyagers with a 4D cinema and water with vibrating effects in the seats. I just loved this ride! Some of the other rides are Rumba Rapids, Storm in a TeaCup, Loggers Leap and Slammer. The Rocky Express is a ride meant for kids. There is a small railway called the Canada Creek Railway which connects the Canada Creek and the Loggers Leap. Traveling through this you can view the forest and the lake which is inside the park.

Thorpe Park

After the train journey we entered the Amity Cove, which is called a fishing village. Here we first entered the tidal wave, and then to Stealth and Flying Fish. After that comes the Ranger County with Mr Monkeys Banana Ride and Chief RangerҒs Carousel. The Neptunes Kingdom is the smallest area in the park with one major ride called the Depth Charge that has a four lane water slide which is 40ft tall. I did not get into this as it daunted me a bit. There are two large paddling pools for small children called the NeptuneҒs Beach, 3 water chutes in different heights called Wet Wet Wet and Sea Snakes and Ladders which goes up to the height of 1.2m and is ideal for young ones. The Octopus Garden is a aquatic themed area for very young children with six to seven rides.

Pros: Clean surroundings Different types of rides

cons: Long queues

conclusion: We enjoyed our trip and had a great time. An experience, I will never forget. The screams of excitement still echo in my ears!

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