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Tippmann Triumph EXT Marker

By: Rex Inego | Jun 25, 2009 09:34 AM

Ideal for players looking out for highly reliable markers and even for the beginners, Tippmann Triumph EXT Marker brings matchless performance, thereby enhancing the gaming experience.

With internal metal parts and patented in line bolt design, it has a high impact composite build and the feeder neck at the centre. With soft grip moulded handles, this electronic unit has in built dual trigger and an expansion chamber to improve the shot stability and air effectiveness. It has an aluminium CO2 tank of 9oz and complete with Anti fog single lens goggles from Tippmann, 200- round hopper and one year warranty, this marker can be deemed one of its kind.

Pros: Easy to use and durable, this paintball gun has a shooting speed of 15bps. It features 4 modes of firing, namely, Semi, 3- shot burst, Safety full- auto 12BPS and Safety full- auto 15BPS. It has a barrel of 11 inches and for enhanced gaming effects, it comes with a paintball mask and tank shoulder plate, all bringing improved performance.

cons: Its outer case is made of plastic.

conclusion: With improved technology and durable internal parts, it delivers fast firing performance, thereby making it ideal for those hard-core gamers out there, so as to enable them enjoy rigorous hours of gaming. Since, it is older and not commonly available, it is not recommended.

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