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Tippmann Triumph XT Marker

By: Rex Inego | May 12, 2009 04:43 AM

Perfect for beginner Paintballers, the Tippmann Triumph XT Marker has high impact composite body to deliver resilience and consistency on the play-field.

This semi automatic gadget has patented in-line bolt system for increasing firing consistency, double trigger for firing balls rapidly and centre feed hopper for the ambidextrous shooting.

Featured with integrated expansion chamber for improved and constant paintball velocity, this superb gadget is complete with 1 year warranty and requires limited maintenance. However safety precautions need to be maintained strictly as misuse may cause serious injury or death and eye protection gear designed for paintball must be worn by the user and any one within the range.

Pros: Sophisticated and powerful, it ensures durability and ease of use by ambidextrous folks as well. With semi automatic, 0.68 calibre, integrated expansion chamber, 11 inches high performance barrel, soft-grip over moulded handles including extra front grip, integrated double trigger and drop forward, centre feed neck and durable in-line bolt system, one cannot ask for more!

cons: Not meant for regular players and ideal for weekend players only. Misuse can cause serious wounds or even death.

conclusion: Intense weekend paintball gamers will surely love the power vested in their hands for hours of fun. Sleek and sophisticated, it can be deemed the ultimate marker though perfect understanding of the manual is recommended by the company plus correct safety measures need to be followed.

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